My ‘Makeoversary’

Intro Makeover Monday is a weekly social data project led by Andy Kriebel and Eva Murray. It was officially started in 2016 by Andy Kriebel, who was joined on the project by Andy Cotgreave (I believe prior to that it was a personal project of Andy Kriebel's). The project has grown considerably over the last two years.... Continue Reading →

Makeover Monday Week 45

It had been a few weeks since I'd created a viz for Makeover Monday so I decided to bite the bullet on Sunday evening and download the data. The Myers Briggs data set from Week 43 had looked really interesting but I didn't get to it unfortunately. There were lots of great visualisations created that... Continue Reading →

Vizzing with Velocity

Intro The last two contributions I've shared for Makeover Monday have involved me vizzing on the clock. One of the guidelines on the website notes that you could consider time-boxing yourself to one hour. I don't have the stats on this but I have spent over an hour in approximately 95% of all cases, and... Continue Reading →

The Power of Tableau’s PDF Connector

The hunt for data Most people involved in data visualisation can relate to the challenges faced when on the hunt for data on the internet. In order to create a meaningful data visualisation or carry out a piece of analysis you often have to turn to multiple sources. As anyone who has gone through this... Continue Reading →

Tableau Order of Operations – My Mnemonic

  Graphic Source: Tableau's Order of Operations   What is the Order of Operations? Depending on where you are in your Tableau journey, you may or may not have come across Tableau's Order of Operations. This hierarchy shows the order in which the operations or actions in a visualisation are carried out. As a beginner,... Continue Reading →

Iron Viz: Geospatial Contest – Countries in Crisis

Introduction The Tableau Iron Viz Championship takes place during the annual Tableau Conference. There are three feeder contests and the first of these in 2017 was entitled 'Iron Viz: Geospatial Contest'. If someone had asked me a couple of weeks ago if I was going to enter, my answer would have been something along the lines of “Are you having... Continue Reading →

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